Key Issues Facing Cecil County

Economic Development

As a small business owner here in the County, I understand many of the challenges that face businesses on a day to day basis. I believe we need to work with our local businesses to provide the resources and support necessary for these companies to thrive, grow, and continue to provide good paying employment for […]

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Family First Values

Our families are our future. We must work hard to improve our community so that we leave it better for our children and their children than we had it. This stretches from education, crime, and economic development. We should strive to be at the forefront of our state as a place that people want to […]

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Opioid Crisis

One of the major issues facing our county, and our State as a whole, is the overwhelming issue with opioid addiction. We see evidence of this blight almost everywhere we go in the county. The problem is not one that has a simple solution. We must continue to develop, implement, and improve a wide approach […]

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